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MancML will be back!

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis we have had to postpone any MancML events for the foreseeable future.

But stay tuned, we will be back!

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Who we are 🚀

MancML was started in 2016 by Liam Wilson and Erik Mathiesen. The first event took place in November 2016 at SpaceportX in the Nortern Quarter of Manchester and since then we have had a MancML almost every quarter!

Our aim is to bring together some of the brightest people in the industry for a night of informal talks covering a huge variety of topics and a chance to hang around with pizza, drinks and networking.

Another thing that is near and dear to our hearts is to create an inclusive community around AI with the aim to increase diversity within our field. We therefore actively support causes that we believe can help bring about this change.

The faces behind MancML


Head of Data Science at Attest, previously co-founder of and the main organiser and driver behind all things MancML. Speaker at most events - funny pictures guaranteed.


Co-organiser of MancML and Data Analytics Recruitment enthusiast for Cathcart Associates. Also part of the post event clean-up crew alongside Colin.


Co-Founder of & tech entrepreneur. Chief Beer Buyer for the event - literally the most important job.

Our Friends and Family 🎂

Previous Events 🎉 20.02.2020, 35 Fountain Street, M2 2AN, 18:00-21:30


18:00-18:30Doors open
18:30-18:40Welcome from Erik & Liam
18:40-19:05Speaker TBC,
19:05-19:25Jamie-Leigh Chapman, Data Scientist @ Wrightington,
Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
19:25-20:05Break: Pizza, Drinks and Chats
20:05-20:30Dr Eman Nashnush, Teaching Fellow @ University of Salford
Cost-Sensitive Machine Learning Algorithms
20:30-21:00Luke Steers, Head of Measurement Science @ CGA
21:00-Finish + Afterparty

MancML@Peak: 17.10.2019, Neo, Charlotte Street, M1 4ET, 18:30-21:00


18:40-19:05Abhinav Singh, Data Scientist @ Peak
19:05-19:25Phil Nash, Lead Data Scientist @ Onthebeach
19:25-20:05Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:05-20:30Jonathan Stott, Senior Data Scientist @ MAG-O
20:30-21:00Matt Squire, Co-Founder @ Fuzzy Labs
Machine Learning for your feet
21:00-Finished + Afterparty

MancML@N Brown: 27.06.2019

N Brown, 40 Lever Street, M60 6ES, 18:30-21:00


18:30-18:45Registration and refreshments
18:50-19:00Welcome from Erik Mathiesen (Streetbees) & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
19:00-19:25Stefan Güttel, The University of Manchester (School of Mathematics)
Symbolic Time Series Representations
19:25-19:50Kaylea Haynes, Data Science Team Leader from Peak
The One Number Forecast
19:50-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:35Sophia Goldberg, Machine Learning Researcher @ Streetbees
20:35-21:00Tania Allard, Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft
21:00-Finished + Afterparty

MancML@OnTheBeach: 14.03.2019

On The Beach, Aeroworks, M1 2NQ, 18:00-21:30


18:00-18:45Registration and refreshments
18:45-18:55Welcome from Erik Mathiesen (Streetbees) & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:55-19:20Bilgin Sherifov, Senior Data Scientist, On The Beach
Estimating the Impact of Offline Ads on Sales Volumes at OTB
19:20-19:45Mary Guettel, Lead Data Scientist, N Brown Group
Networks in Retail

19:45-20:10Steve Miller, Data Scientist, BJSSbr/>Agent Based Models Part 2: "The Evolution of Co-Operation"
20:10-20:25Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:25-20:50Erik Mathiesen-Dreyfus, Head of Data Science, Streetbees
Knowledge Graphs
20:50-21:15Alex Combessie, Data Scientist, Dataiku
Predicting taxi fares in New York City: How to deploy Machine Learning in real time
21:15-Cathcart Afterparty,

MancML@ARM: 06.12.2018

ARM, Westminster House, M1 3HU, 18:30-21:30


18:15-18:30Registration and refreshments
18:30-18:40Welcome from Erik Mathiesen (Streetbees) & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:40-19:15James Goodacre, Director of Engineering, Arm
Intro to Arm & About their work with Great Ormond St Hospital

19:15-19:40Andrew Davies & Rebecca Davies, INRIX
Dude, Where’s My Car?
19:40-20:00Jeninifer Stark, Spareroom
Agent Based Models: how can we use them?

20:00-20:25Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:25-20:50Tom Liptrot, Head of Data Science,
Exploratory Data Science

20:50-21:15Ryan Garland, Streetbees
Explainable AI; Understanding the Black Box

21:15-Cathcart Afterparty,

MancML@AutoTrader: 20.09.2018

AutoTrader, 1 Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN, 18:30-21:30


17:45-18:15Registration and refreshments
18:15-18:30Welcome from Erik Mathiesen (Streetbees) & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:30-18:55Jenny Burrow, Data Scientist, Auto Trader
Selecting “attractive” adverts by modelling click-through rates at scale
18:55-19:15Liam Fulton, Head of Data & Analytics, ElizaSixtyFour
Why does no one listen to me?
19:15-19:35Matt Jackson, Senior Data Scientist & Mark Greenwood, Tech Lead, Netace
Embedding web traffic data with Word2Vec
19:35-20:05Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:05-20:30Kaylea Haynes, Data Science Team Lead,
Considerations of forecasting in practice
20:30-20:55Leanne Fitzpatrick, Head of Data Analytics, Hello Soda
Full stack data science; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
20:55-21:15Erik Mathiesen, Head of Data Science, Streetbees
How are you feeling? Analysing human emotions using machine learning
21:15-Cathcart Afterparty,

MancML@Peak: 24.05.2018

Peak, NEO, M1 4ET, 18:00-21:00


18:00-18:30Doors Open
18:30-18:40Welcome from Erik Mathiesen ( & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:40-19:10Glyn Powditch, Dream Agility
How to cut costs, increase revenues, and maximise profits on search engines using machine learning
19:10-19:40Martin Eastwood,
Feature Engineering
19:40-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:25Erik Mathiesen,
Bants with GANs
20:25-20:40Cristian Bodnar, BSc University of Manchester
Text to image synthesis using Wasserstein GANs
20:40-21:10Tom Hassall,
What drives profits in automotive businesses
21:10-21:40Finish the pizza, drinks and more chatting
21:40-Cathcart Afterparty

MancML@PwC: 22.02.2018

PwC, No 1 Spinningfields, M3 3EB, 18:00-21:00


18:00-18:20Doors Open
18:20-18:40Welcome from Cathcart Associates, PwC and
18:40-19:10Bertil Hatt,
19:10-19:40Martin Fergie, University of Manchester
An introduction to the use of machine learning
for developing breast cancer risk models for use in screening
19:40-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:35Stephen Mills & David McDwyer, PwC
Machine Learning - Practical examples of commercial applications
20:35-21:00Phillipa Hartley, University of Manchester
Finding rare objects in space
21:00-22:00Hang around: drinks and a chance to chat
22:00-Cathcart Afterparty

MancML@RentalCars: 23.11.2017

RentalCars, 35 Fountain Street, M2 2AN, 18:00-22:00


18:00-18:30Doors open and refreshments
18:30-18:40Erik Mathiesen ( & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:40-19:05Chris Boddington,
Lead scoring drives revenues in the used car market
19:05-19:30Erik Mathiesen,
An AI careers advisor
19:30-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:35Bertil Hatt,
How to get a data science team started
20:35-21:00Chris Campbell, Mango Solutions
Text Mining: Let the Machines do the Work
21:00-22:00Hang around: drinks and a chance to chat
22:00-Cathcart Afterparty

MancML@AutoTrader: 11.05.2017

AutoTrader, 1 Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN, 18:00-22:00


18:00-18:30Doors open and refreshments
18:30-18:50Erik Mathiesen ( & Liam Wilson (Cathcart Associates)
18:50-19:10Andrew, AutoTrader</i>
19:10-19:40Dominic Jordan, INRIX
19:40-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:40Steven Booth, Autosermo
20:35-21:00Erik Mathiesen,
21:00-22:00Hang around: drinks and a chance to chat
22:00-Cathcart Afterparty

MancML@Coop Digital: 02.03.2017

Coop Digital, Federation House, M4 2AH, 18:00-22:00


18:00-18:30Doors open and refreshments
18:30-18:50Coop Digital
Welcome and Introduction to Co-op Digital
18:50-19:10Dr Stuart Davie and Dom Clarke, Peak
How to use Machine Learning for Customer Acquisition
19:10-19:40Gary Pretty, Technical Strategist & Microsoft MVP, Mando
ChatBots - what can you implement today?
19:40-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:40Steven Booth, FlowXO
Bots For Proper Northern Businesses
20:35-21:00Erol-Valeriu Chioasca, Exgence
Automatically identifying traceability links in requirements management repositories
21:00-22:00Hang around: drinks and a chance to chat

MancML@SpaceportX: 08.11.2016

SpaceportX, 24-26 Lever Street, M1 1DZ, 18:00-21:30


18:00-18:30Doors open and refreshments
18:30-18:50Erik Mathiesen,
Welcome & Introduction to Machine Learning
18:50-19:10Martin Bryant, Tech North
19:10-19:40Leanne Fitzpatrick, Hello Soda
Deploying Models in a Machine Learning Environment
19:40-20:10Break: Pizza & Drinks
20:10-20:40Martin Fergie, DigitalBridge
How we use machine learning to help you virtually decorate your home
20:35-21:00Stuart Davie,
Using machine learning to monitor company risks
20:35-21:00Erik Mathiesen,
Recruiting with Machine Learning

Contact: | @Manc_ML